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We are a creative agency that works with companies of all shapes and sizes. Specialized in making promotional & social videos, 2D & 3D animations, brand identites, websites and leading social media accounts.

EFFEKT helps you focus on your company by solving all of your marketing problems in one place.

Promo & Social Media Videos

We create stunning promotional videos for your company. Whether that be a corporate introduction for your partners, or a customer-targeted product video, we cover all bases.

2D & 3D Animations

We cover everything from explainer videos to logo animations. Best used to explain your product or service to your customers in a clear and simple way. Alternatively, just to build hype.

Brand Identity

An expertly crafted brand identity is the foundation of every brand. This ranges from simple logos, to overall graphics, target photography and messaging.


The world has been in the digital age for a while now. We make sure that your website looks as good as your product and helps you stand out in the vast ocean of the internet.

We work with great companies.

Our clients need to offer quality products or services, that genuinely help people. We’re only comfortable working with clients who are, above all, fair. The clients listed go above and beyond that criteria.

And we're always looking for new challenges! Click the button below to get in touch.