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Armin Strom

Gravity Equal Force

A product video presenting the innovative new watch from Armin Storm, the Gravity Equal Force.

Armin Strom
Promotional Video


The perfect control of lighting conditions in our studio has
helped us to craft  the video utilizing a beautiful play of shadow and light.

The Client

Armin Strom is an innovative independent Swiss watchmaker, that is renowned for creating beautifully crafted skeletonized watches, which have been the core of their brand since 1967.

The Location

The footage was shot in our custom studio in Zürich, which gives us maximal control over every light source and reflection, providing a perfect environment for capturing product footage.

The Timing

Because we were filming at only one location, we had the the logistical benefit, that enabled us to complete the entire project, from start to finish, in January 2020.

About the Brand

Mister Armin Storm is a legend in the watch industry, watches carrying the Armin Storm name and symbol were first launched in 1984.

Thanks to it’s intricate design, the brand soon became extremely well known for its skeletonized watches, which are the core of the company even today.

The attention given to lighting, reflections and color correction, results in a beautifully flow from dark to light. ​

The Gravity Equal Force is a staple of Armin Storm’s ferocious approach to innovation and pushing the boundaries, as it is the first watch to featuer a stop-work declutch mechanism combined with an automatic winding mechanism, resulting in extremely smooth power delivery.

On top of that, the brand is, once again, true to it’s name, and features a beautiful, skeletonized design.

Thank you, Armin Strom

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