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Beyer Chronometrie


Promotional video representing Beyer Chronometrie’s second-hand luxury watch selling service.

Beyer Chronometrie
Promotional Video


This video focuses on cinematographic shots revolving around the modern,
environmentally conscious luxury watch wearer.

The Client

Beyer Chronometrie requested help with creating an interesting teaser for their second-hand luxury watch selling service. As usual, we were more than excited to oblige.

The Location

The video is a mix of the picturesque urban environment found in Zürich, Switzerland, mixed with the breathtaking skylines of New York, USA. In other words, class, meets the modern world.

The Timing

Due to the video being filmed in two different continents, we started filming in early September, 2019 and delivered the final piece by the end of October, 2019.

About the Brand

Luxurious, quality-made products often take a long time and precious resources to craft, in return, they are practically timeless.

Throwing away perfectly looking and working products is a serious environmental waste and Beyer Chronometrie has understood that since the year 2004, when they started their Trouvaillen (which translates as treasure) initiative.

An energetic, cinematic edit that attempts to subtly shift the stigma associated with second-hand goods.

By focusing on selling second-hand watches with certificates of excellence, Beyer Chronometrie offers a service that benefits both the user and the environment at the same time.

In an effort to prove that the stigma attached with second-hand products is unfounded, we have decided to capture beautiful shots, mix them with smooth swing music and show just how timeless expertly-crafted products actually are.

Thank you, Beyer Chronometrie

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