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Tech Bureau & Chronoswiss

Crypto Watches

Promotional video for the first crypto-inspired wrist watch collection in the world.
Tech Bureau & Chronoswiss
Promotional Video


Premium product shots mixed with a sincere interview taking place
at the headquarters of one of the most luxurious brands in the world.

The Client

The clients were partners Tech Bureau & Chronoswiss, who contacted us to shoot a short promotional video for the first Crypto-inspired Wrist Watches in the world.

The Location

The introduction was shot in Luzern, Switzerland, which is also the headquarters of Chronoswiss. The interview and the watch itself were shot in Chronoswiss's factory, store and offices.

The Timing

The concept phase started in June 2018, working alongside the development of the limited-edition wrist watches, with the final product being delivered on the 4th of July, 2018.

About the Brand

Chronoswiss and Tech Bureau are brands that need no introduction. We were extremely excited to be invited to shoot a promotional video introducing their new premium, crypto-inspired limited-edition wrist watch collection.

Cryptocurrencies have long been considered a potential revolution of the current financial system, and although their current appeal has slowed down compared to the “December ’17 mania”, they are still a staple of how modern technology could revolutionize and improve the future.

A warm introduction that places high-end products in an appropriate surrounding environment.

Chronoswiss’s & Tech Bureau’s crypto-inspired wrist watch collection consits of only 101 watches, inspired by the behemoths of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Etereum, Nem, Comsa and Zaif.

An emotional video with warm, vivid colors and environments that mix natural materials with high-tech machines or devices, show the real face of modern, quality craftsmanship and the results achieved by a perfect synergy of traditional and modern practices.

Thank you, Tech Bureau and Chronoswiss

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