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The Client

EsperLuxe is a global online boutique luxury platform from the US focusing on selling high-end watches, jewelry and other artisanal products.

The Service

We have been working with EsperLuxe in the role of their lead video agency. This includes filming and recording various videos, as well as creating bi-weekly content for their YouTube channel.

A snippet of the content we created

Even though we’ve created more than 60 videos for the brand, we wanted to keep it short and only share a few of the videos. Should you be interested in more, do check out Swiss Watch Gang’s channel here: . The viewership is appreciated and the content is definitely worth watching.

The Process
The YouTube Channel
The Results

The Creative Process & The Brand

In order to give our audience a clear introspective into our processes and how we work, we have decided to create a quick sample of how we were able to help out Swiss Watch Gang. A key goal of Effekt Agency is to demistify a creative agency’s process and involvement, in order to create transparency and trust between clients and agencies.

About the Brand

Due to the fact that most of EsperLuxe’s customer acquisition happens online, at a global scale, unique content is of their highest priority. After years of building their Instagram and  Facebook accounts we advised them to focus their attention also on YouTube. 

To expand the online buying experience we deliberately started creating watch reviews so their clientele visually gets a good grasp of the product from all perspectives. The videos are used as a sales tool for customers as well as an educational tool for watch enthusiasts on his website & YouTube.

The YouTube Channel

Step 01


All videos are planned and discussed with EsperLuxe and their brands in advance. Together we discuss the product, topic of the video and other ideas to make the video as valuable as possible for their platforms. For the video format we decided to create reviews with a voiceover which is recorded in a studio in the US and the products are filmed in our studio in Zürich, Switzerland.

Step 02


For a video we take about 1-2 days for the script, voice over and logistics, 1 day of filming, 2 days of editing and color correction.

After the video is finalized we start with the YouTube optimization which includes the custom thumbnail creation, intriguing video title, video description, video tag analysis and adding the cards and end screen buttons.

Step 03


We create teasers for each video, which is distributed on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. (9:16 Size Format for Instagram Story with custom graphics + 4:5 Size Format for Instagram Post)

The main types of videos that we are creating for EsperLuxe are watch reviews with custom graphics.

Videos are produced at least 2-3 weeks before publishing.

The Results

Our efforts have generated results. We’ve been closely monitoring the statistics of the videos in order to be able to make minute adjustments that would influence the videos performance. Below, we will share a few things that have happened since we launched the first video, on the 12th of August 2019.

Repeated snippet of the video content

We appreciate your interest in our project summary. Just so you don’t have to scroll up all the way again, we have duplicated the section so that you may be able to see these videos in a new light. As we have already mentioned, the Swiss Watch Gang YouTube channel continues growing every day and its audience is becoming more and more engaged.




Hours Watched


Monthly Views



These combined efforts make Swiss Watch Gang the fastest growing watch-related YouTube channel for the young generation and Top 3 in Switzerland in the watch industry.

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