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Flying Grand Regulator Resec

Product video for Chronoswiss’s Flying  Grand Regulator Resec watch.
Promotional Video


Beautiful shots of breath-taking locations combined in a very emotional and sincere edit.

The Client

Chronoswiss approached us in hopes of helping them present their newest limited-edition watch, the Flying Grand Regulator Resec.

The Location

The video was shot in a small scale, custom-built studio in order to give us maximum control over even the finest attributes of lighting.

The Timing

The entire project was conceptually developed, shot and edited in September 2019, showing that we can deliver quality even with a limited deadline.

About the Brand

Chronoswiss continues to impress with the latest watch from their limited-collection that counts only 50 pieces – the Flying Grand Regulator Resec.

It is crafted from stainless steel with a blue diamond-like-carbon coating applied to it, giving it a hardness of 4.500 Vickers, making it extremely scratch-resistant.

A dynamic edit utilizing lots of contrast and dark tones, shot with high-quality macro lenses.

The video was filmed with the utmost attention to every little detail, resulting in footage which seems close to rendered.

The contrast between the darkness and the blue accents of the watch are an excellent example of showing how high-level editing can implement quality storytelling into the narrative of a product.

Thank you, Chronoswiss

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