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Swiss Watch Gang in collaboration with Ulysse Nardin

FREAK X Collection

Product presentation video for Ulysse Nardin’s amazing Freak X collection.
Swiss Watch Gang in collaboration with Ulysse Nardin
Teaser Video


Pristine shots combined with an energetic edit.

The Client

Ulysse Nardin and Swiss Watch Gang contacted us in order to craft a new production video for their amazing new wristwatch collection, Freak X.

The Location

Since it was a product shoot of a luxury product, we wanted to have full control of every minuscule lighting detail, and as such, the shoot took place in a custom-built studio room in Zürich, Switzerland.

The Timing

The concept phase started towards the end of January 2019, with a fairly short turnaround, as the entire video was finished by the 7th of February 2019.

About the Brand

Ulysse Nardin is a luxury Swiss wristwatch manufacturer that has been pushing the envelope since 1865.

Their amazing wristwatch design is the product of an amazing attention to detail, crafted over more than 150 years, leaving behind a legacy that not many companies match.

Macro-shot footage with an extreme attention to lighting conditions combined with a dark, fast cut.

Their recent line-up, the FREAK X collection is an entry point into the fabled FREAK collection, released in 2001.

Ulysse Nardin’s wish was to match the attitude of their watch with a fitting edit that explodes of energy – something that just happens to be our favorite style.

Thank you, Ulysse Nardin & Swiss Watch Gang

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