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Novak M

Corporate Video

Corporate video for the globally recognized and award winning company Novak M.
Novak M
Corporate Video


The corporate video for Novak M features beautiful shots combined with a sincere message.

The Client

We were contacted by a returning client, Novak M, to create a corporate video that reveals their beliefs and their mission to it's users and it's clientele.

The Location

The video features a variety of filming locations, including the Headquarters of Novak M in Slovenia, as well as their branch offices in Switzerland and Germany. To top this off, we were also present in various hospitals and medical institutions that use Novak M's equipment across Slovenia, Switzerland and Germany.

The Timing

The concept phase started in February of 2019, due to the logistics of filming in various countries, the production phase took place from February to July of 2019. The post production phase took place in August 2019, bringing the project to an end.

About the Brand

Novak M’s mission is to help professionals and patients worldwide by providing treatment opportunities at a higher level.

They design innovative medical equipment based on their users’ feedback and needs while also constantly looking for new solutions to support changes in various healthcare processes.

A passionate message combined with non-fabricated footage filmed at the company’s beautiful headquarters.

In this corporate video, we wanted to focus on the company’s primary mission and beliefs, helping their users and future equipment owners understand the design theory behind their creations.

We believe that an honest, transparent approach and clear communication help companies make meaningful connections and create partnerships that benefit the end user, which is especially important in fields such as healthcare, since the patients need to be as comfortable as possible in order to promote faster recovery.

Thank you, Novak M

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