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Postojna Cave

Christmas Commercial

A Christmas Commercial made for the Slovenian tourist attraction Postojna Cave.
Postojna Cave
TV Commercial


The spark of Christmas visualized with the help of VFX.

The Client

We were contacted by a returning client, Postojna Park, to make a Christmas commercial that will be broadcasted in a variety of countries.

The Location

The entire commercial was shot on the premises of Postona Park, specifically in the Postojna Cave and the Pavilion at the enterance.

The Timing

The concept phase started towards the start of November in 2018, with the final project delivery happening on the 3rd of December, 2018.

About the Brand

Postojna Park wanted to capture the magical essence of their Christmas Event, happening each year in December.

The cave and it’s surroundings are decorated in beautiful Christmas decorations, while actors are placed inside Postojna Cave to reenact the events of the Holy Night.

Whether the girl wished something upon the traveling star will remain unknown, but there is a place where all the wishes gather.

We wanted to capture the feelings of curiosity and magic that each child holds in their hears come Christmas.

Their imagination is endless and creates worlds, one of such can actually be found in reality, in the beautifully unique cave systems of Postojna.

Thank you, Postojna Cave

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