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Regulator Classic Collection​

Product video for Chronoswiss’s Regulator Classic Collection.
Product Video


Render-like clarity showcasing the beautifully subtle features of this masterpiece collection.

The Client

We were once again approached by our returning client, Chronoswiss, to help them showcase their latest premium Regulator Classic Collection.

The Location

The video was shot in our custom-built studio, which is specifically designed for shooting smaller, premium products. The studio enables us to control every aspect of the shot, ensuring render-like quality.

The Timing

The entirety of the project took place in September 2019, making for a swift on-time delivery that helped the client showcase the Regulator Classic Collection at a perfect time for a maximum sales impact.

About the Brand

Chronoswiss’s Regulator Classic Collection continues to show off the skill of the masterful designers working at the company. The entire Collection screams Chronoswiss and can hardly be mistaken for another brand.

It’s iconic, large onion crown, combined with the elegant curves show, that a premium product is developed with careful craftsmanship, not over-the-top, screaming features.

A smoothly-flowing, dynamic edit, that expands upon the subtle, color palette of the Regulator Classic.

Due to the light color palette and elegant design of the collection, we focused on showcasing the elegant features with the help of dramatic lighting.

The contrast between the collection’s light, beautifully curved surfaces is best emphasized with the deep shadows stemming from the studio’s controlled, dark atmosphere.


Thank you, Chronoswiss

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