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Data Shock

TV Commercial for Telemach’s new mobile-data plan Data Shock.
TV Commercial


Dynamic, smooth-flowing Motion Graphics with smooth transitions.

The Client

Our friends at Bright Visuals contacted us to help them out with smoothing the motion graphic videos for Telemach's new campaign.

The Location

We were only involved in the post production, as such all the work was done in our office in Zürich.

The Timing

The concept phase started at the start of May 2018 and the final videos were delivered on the 7th of May, 2018.

About the Brand

Telemach’s identity caters towards a younger, more rebellious audience. The brand is known for it’s out-of-the-box thinking and energetic campaigns.

We wanted to keep the energy and one up it by syncing most actions to the beats of the bass and drum heavy track, thereby creating impact in every single move.

Dramatic, stunning imagery with heavy texts and fast cuts on the underlying track’s energetic drum beat.

The Motion Graphics involved are simple, but impactfull, resulting in a well received series of commercial, even in a broader, slightly older target group.

Thank you, Telemach

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