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Below, we listed the most common video types used in the advertising industry. All videos are created by keeping the rules of the brand identity in mind. All of the samples below were created uniquely for the brand that is represented in them. Your video will, naturally, be adapted to your brand identity. 

Before each project we’d love to discuss the project with you, together. We always keep an open mind and add our professional input to the ideas, so that the result can meet all of your goals and hopes. 

For longer videos, we always suggest creating shorter teasers as well. These can help push the main video on all platforms, and as a result, generate more views.

Promotional Videos
Short Ad Videos
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Promotional Videos

A promotional video advertises your product or service in an engaging way. The purpose of such a video is to increase sales. It is often supported by additional graphic elements, as these clearly highlight the advantages and important features. It is created to elevate the brand using their corporate identity as a guideline, to evoke emotion and relatability in a potential customer.  

Product/ Service Video

Product and service videos focus on presenting your product or service to your target audience. These videos have a few different styles, however, presenting your product as a reveal, or providing an in-depth look at your product and its technical details are among the most popular styles.

Event Video

These videos are all about capturing the essence of the event, its participants and its surroundings in an emotionally engaging video. Brands can show their target audience the more interesting and interactive ways they choose to engage with their audience, and, as a result, gain new followers that would like to be part of the brands growing story.

Brand Image Video

A brand image video focuses on sharing the brands beginnings, story, philosophy, dreams and goals to its wider audience. These videos are becoming increasingly popular as audiences want to connect with the brands they favor on a more personal level. As such, these videos definitely involve a story, that is derived from the very heart of the brand.

Corporate Video

As opposed to brand image videos, corporate videos focus more on the achievements and the vision of the brand. They tend to be longer and provide more technical data. It could be said that corporate videos focus the attention on wowing the stockholders and B2B customers, in contrast to the wider audience appeal that brand image videos generate.

Short Ad Videos

Advertisements are shorter than promotional videos and are often supported by additional graphic elements. Due to the shorter length, it is important that the main features and benefits of your product are clearly and vividly highlighted. The purpose of such ads is to increase sales of your product or service.

Social Media

Social media advertisements are quickly becoming some of the best ROI videos in the industry. These videos are short, dynamic and need to capture the attention of your audience in the first 2 seconds. A well thought out cocept, showing only the essentials, is more important in this video type than any other.

Television Commercial

Television commercials are widely known, but can be very specifics. As the prices of TV advertising rise, among others, on the basis of the duration of the video, there are a few standardized durations that are widely being used. These videos are especially effective when you’d like to advertise to more mature audiences.


Animated videos are made up of graphic elements and have many purposes. They can present ideas, products, services, processes, company structure, etc. in a very simple and understandable way. If the content is demanding, the vocals can further clarify it. In most cases, ambient music is also present which evokes a pleasant atmosphere.


Animations are a good option for showing products or services that are less tangible and are thus harder to capture with video production. Among the more popular animations recently are explainer videos, which, in an engaging way, provide complicated information about a product or service, by making it easier to understand with simple visuals.

Logo Animations

Logo animations are becoming an increasingly important assent in a company’s brand asset tool box. Due to the recent trends forcing companies to go digital, and moving content showing itself to be king, these short animations reveal the character of your brand in a fun and engaging way.

Price list for all videos is available by e-mail.